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The AeroCanard...

The Aerocanard

Burt Rutan designed the Vari-EZ, a tandem seat 2 person pusher canard. It was lengthened, to become the Long EZ. Someone redesigned it to be side-by-side, and it became the Cozy (or Cosy, in Europe). Nat Puffer lengthened it & added a back seat: The Cozy III. Next, he widened it, added a second (side) seat, and had the Cozy Mk 4. I bought these plans and began working on it, but, after sitting in one, I found I needed more room. Jeff Russell had widened the Mk 4 (and made some other changes), to yield the AeroCanard; This is technically the plane I am building.

Builders Log (soon, I promise!)

My Current Progress Pictures ... (Just the latest pix)

Construction Pictures (by chapter)

Me in a Cozy

Me, in Nat Puffer's Plane.

Updated November 2, 1999