My Favorite Links
(and other places I go)

Running Links
Jeff Galloway's Run Injury Free
Marathon Guide
50 States Marathon Club
Run The Planet
Runners World ---- Running Times

Canard Aircraft Links
The Aerocanard Page
The Canard Aviators Page

Flying Related Links
Landings: Look it up
DUATS : Aviation Services
Federal Aviation Regulations
EAA : Experimental Aviation Association
AOPA : Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
178 Seconds to Live

Other Interesting Links
Libertarian Party
DAN: Divers Alert Network

Are you annoyed at all of the junque electronic mail you receive? I am.

Join CAUSE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email...

Create a Spam Offer Letter, and charge the bastards...

Lastly, and this is my favorite:

Create links to lists of bogus address: This link contains auto-generated addresses (2500 or so) that get regenerated daily (with links to other auto-generated lists), Just for the robots that look for that type of thing, for the people that would send you junque. At any one time, I have at least 25000 realistic address in place. Hopefully, it will so corrupt their databases as to make this type of thing unprofitable.

If anyone wants it, Ill donate the code to science.

[I wish I could do the same for snail junque mail, though I *always* return the business reply envelopes, empty, and minus any personal info...]
Updated January 18th, 2003