Marathon 15 - Myrtle Beach Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

Warm and very humid at the start, I crashed early, though I was still under 2 hours at the 1/2 way mark.

The shuttles that were to take us from the host hotel to the start where not running frequently. When one finally showed up, the bastard wouldn't let us stand (nor sit, "sharing" seats). I called a cab, and left the 50 or 60 other runners (who didn't seem concerned) to fend for themselves. It is not possible that all made it to the start on time.

I had hurt my back shoveling snow days earlier, and it was stiff and sore from the start. By 19 I was taking extended and frequent walk breaks. About mile 20 My achilles started hurting. Miles 22 and 23 were particularly hard, with an upgrade and the wind in our face.

I met runners who had also been at Las Vegas, and Huntsville with me, and a 70 year old retired Marine that wins his age group every year (with a 3:50ish). More and more it seems that these "smaller" races have a hard-core runner base, and the little or no first timers (save the local track clubs).


Updated February 23rd, 2003