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Runners typically have aches and pains during their training. We seem to have the same things go wrong, so this is more of a sharing experience than anything else....


08/01/00 Right Hip pain requires addition of 1/4" pad in right shoe. Solves it immediately.

09/15/00 Runners knee problem, starts on Left; moves to more problematic Right side.

10/14/00 Strider clinic suggests Ice for knee.

10/28/00 Real Knee improvement.

12/17/00 No noticeable knee pain.

12/24/00 Bunched-Sock Problem begins on Right foot. No pain, just annoyance. Causing supination and therefore cascading issues.

01/03/01 BSP diagnosed as Plantar Facia tendon issue. Begin ice and tape.

01/07/01 Long run with taped foot non-problematic!

01/28/01 Right Heel pain. Could be the tape.... No other issues on 28 mile run.

01/29/01 Concussion. Ran into a wall. Repeatedly.

02/05/01 CAT scan show no problems. Resume running. It feels like this is the first day of training all over again.

2/06/01 Knee pain during runs. Ice Ice Ice

2/18/01 Motorola Marathon: Knee pain from beginning to the End.

10/11/01 Left foot pain. Top of foot. Diagnosed as overuse injury. Ice, electro stim and ultrasound.

10/28/01 Marine Corp Marathon: Foot pain from Start.

10/29/01 Continue Ice, ES and US.

11/8/01 Foot pain getting better.

11/13/01 Ready for MITP.

12/01 Blisters. Both feet. Running on Orthotics.

01/06/02 Disney Marathon: Blisters cause me to stop 4 times for bandaids. Everything else great!

2002 Blisters continue to plague me starting around 6 miles. Otherwise, everything is working great.

12/25/02 Right foot Heel pain begins.

01/11/03 No blisters during Mississippi Marathon. No heel pain during run.

01/15/03 Heel pain continues; Diagnosed as either Tarcel Tunnel or tendentious

It seems as though my blisters were caused by one of the 3 pairs of orthotics. No blisters in last 3 races....

02/22/03 Pain begins in achilles tendon during Myrtle Beach.

03/16/03 Achilles tightness continues. Multiple stops to stretch.

04/05/03 Achilles better... No issues during run

04/26/03 Lower back and Sciatica issues.

05/15/03 Sciatica Worsens. Canceling Maine and giving myself a weeks rest.

5/22/03. The week off helped. Sciatica better.

6/8/03 Deadwood run without issues. Taking a few weeks off.

10/18/03 Hamstring. Injured while supporting the Baltimore Marathon. Still tender after a week and time off. NY will be difficult.

02/08/04. Birmingham... Hamstring nearly forced me to stop

02/22/04 After 2 weeks of almost no running, the hamstring is still tight and painful. Canceling New Orleans & New Jersey.

08/01/04 The light schedule has still not loosened up the Hamstring. When will the madness end?

12/13/04 Huntsville without Hamstring issues.

1/15/05 Sledding causes Lower back pain.

1/22/05 Back pain worsens into Sciatica. X-Ray shows nothing amiss.

1/31/05 Sciatica Worsens. Never this bad before. Missing needed long runs for New Orleans. New Jersey is up for grabs. MRI scheduled for 2/15.

2/15/05 MRI... Tech cautions: "Don't run on Sunday."

2/17/05 "MRI: There is a large herniated disc with extruded fragment at L3-4. The is severely compromising the spinal canal and obliterating the right lateral recess at this level."

2/18/05 Micro Lumbar Surgery planned for 2/22/05

2/22/05 Removed fragments and repositioned disc. No sciatic pain.

2/27/05 10 minutes Walking on treadmill. Incision very sore.

3/7/05 10 Minutes Running.

3/14/05 30 Minutes Running

3/27/05 9.5 miles in 1'20"

4/3/05 15.6 Miles in 2'48"

4/18/05 Boston. Personal Worst.

11/21/06 Day After Philly, Broken (R4) toe on bedpost. X-Ray revels (old) stress fracture on R3

8/21/08 Back pain, playing soccer with Wyatt.

9/11/08 No relief, and 1st round of steroids. X-Ray reveals disc compression. This feels exactly like the progression of '05

10/3/08 Better, @ 60%. Second round of steroids and scheduled MRI, 10/21

10/11/08. Baltimore @ 70%. Runner up to Personal Worst.

10/15/08. Better today than in the 2 months leading up to to Baltimore.

Updated October 15th, 2008