Marathon 18 - Country Music Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

This was a hard, hilly course.

I started this run in a Motivation Trough. Running it has not increased those levels a bit. It thought about canceling it, but at the last minute, I decided to go for it.

American Airlines redeemed themselves after the Yakima run (where I swore I would never fly them again) with a free first class trip and flawless on-tine performance, including my changing the flights in both directions.

The Host hotel-- the Renaissance -- ticked me off from the get-go, by not having parking, screwing up my reservation, and not letting me have late checkout. Needless to say, they are on the top of my bottom list.

From the beginning, I new this would be a slow run. By 4 I was running mid 9's -- no where near the pace I like. Rolling hills pepper this course, and they started right away.

At 10, my old nemesis, the blister, returned to make my life difficult. I was running on well broken in shoes, but on the questionable orthotics. I had also forgotten my Two-Toms anti blister powder. 15 saw a 2 minute stop at medical for band aids


The best part of this course was the run through (what I can only assume) is the Vanderbilt off campus student housing -- the mile or so up and around 14th and Fatherland, near mile 21. Many of the houses there were having parties and cookouts, with dozens of people hanging out, drinking, eating, barbecuing, and cheering the runners on. Aside from the wicked craving I got for barbeque, it was the most fun for me.


Updated June 14th, 2003