Marathon 20 - Mesa Falls, Idaho Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

Another beautiful run, thru the mountains and valleys of Idaho. Dave Jacobson did a great job with this one. Well marked, enough support, and a great embroidered tee shirt.

I was excited that they gave me seeded race number 2, but once again, the government failed me, by providing an insufficient amount of Oxygen to the State of Idaho. ;-)

A 40 degree start and 80 degree finish, plus the altitude, made this one difficult for me.

This run starts at 6100' and end at 5200'... The first 9 miles are on a crushed gravel road, mostly flat, but footing was sometimes hard. Crossing the Cattle Guards wasn't pleasant. At 9, we turned onto a blacktop and began a gradual descent. At 12 we reached the Lower Mesa Falls.

Continuing a decline to around 13, where a vicious drop, coupled with a transition from pavement to trail. We stuck on this trail path for 3 or 4 miles. Very pretty.

Then at 17, the hill-from-hell. 3 miles, 5 degrees. Yuck

At this point, I lost the will to live, and quite a bit of time, taking extended and frequent walk breaks.

They're not saying 2, they're saying Stu!




Updated August 23rd, 2003