Marathon 37 - Detroit, MI Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

We were expecting rain, but were surprised to find blue skies, and 40 degrees. Perfect running weather.

The start was crowded, with Marathoners, Halfs, and relay runners. It felt a bit disorganized, with half of the people on the wrong side of the starting line.

The first 4 miles were uneventful, thru the downtown area. Then, the very steep incline of the Ambassador Bridge into Canada. A nice run along the shore and then the steep decline into Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. Billed as the only international underwater mile in the world, it was very warm - probably 30 degrees hotter then the outside air. People touched the USA/Canada plaque as they passed the midpoint, back into the US.

The boarder guards greeted us with "Welcome home," that must have pissed off the many Canadians that were running.

I was feeling pretty good at this point, still running in the 9"30 range. At 16, I hit 10'.

The second bridge crossing, to Belle Island was concrete... the 20 mile mark being midway back on the second crossing. I gave out a dozen Succeed electrolyte tabs to in-trouble runners.

We ran thru Indian Village, a neighborhood of beautiful mansions. There was a string quartet playing classical music.

The finish was at Ford Field, home of the Tigers. Off the road and down the tunnel entrance, The jumbo-trons displayed the runners. You could look up as you crossed and see yourself finishing.

Again I didn't run the 4:15 that I wanted, At least my times continue to go in right direction...



Updated Oct 24th, 2005