Marathon 67 - California International Marathon - Sacramento, CA Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

My penultimate and forth in the series took me to Sacramento for the California International Marathon

I had run Monumental 4 weeks earlier with Rick, but hadn't done much other than the Turkey Trot on thanksgiving -- that had left my knee sore

and 8 or so with John that now has my knee clicking and painful

Early flight to CA. Uber to PPU, where they had a nice Expo.

The Point to point from Folsom to the Captital caused me stress as I had to get to the finish at 4:45 for the bust to the start. I met a group in the hotel lobby and they gave me a ride.

7000 or so runners. Cool and Clear. We started at 7AM as the sun was coming up

Stuck to the 4 and 1, nice and show, once again starting up again at 30 seconds and ramping up slowly.

Knee was hurting from the get-go, but felt pretty good oterhwise running a 2:05 first half.

I kept a sweatshirt on until mile 12

Well managed race; Plenty of water/porta potties on the course. The only drag was was that the stations were always on the right side and too had to navigate too in the crowds...


Updated December 7th, 2016