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With a new baby (7 weeks, day of the race), Shannon and I had virtually no time to train for this.

A couple of times in the pool, followed by a couple of stretches on the swim course was all the swimming I was able to do. 1 bike ride of 15, and another of 30. A few runs of 3 or less rounded out my training.

The day before, we still hadn't worked out who would watch Emily. Shannon's friend Anna came thru, and with Wyatt spending the night at a friends house, we were set.

I lined up back of the swim pack again, though in my age group, for the 3rd wave. Shannon age was incorrectly listed as 45 so we started together.

The swim was mostly effortless, dead flat calm water, but I got my goggles kicked off. That's a drag for a contact wearer.

Out of the water, and to my bike. The suit came off easily. I trotted off and out onto the course.

No issues on the bike, I held under a 15 mph pace till the end.

Then it happened.

As I approached the dismount, I pulled my feet from the toe clips. Slow. Slow. Slow. Right leg over.


My left calf cramped badly, and I couldn't hold my weight. Down I go. Helped up, I take a step on my right, then left, then down I go again.

Bleeding, cramped and limping, I cross the mat and into the corral. I go to my slot, and cant find it. Back and forth, checking the numbers.

There is a bike in my slot. I drop mine, move his, clip my number (which I had forgotten at T1), and limp out.

Numerous stops for calf stretches loosens it up a bit, enough to keep moving. I stop at a water station to rinse the blood and dirt off.

I pass Sarah Reinertsen, the triathlete born with one leg, who was profiled in the Ironman Hawaii stories.

I pass Shannon, who is now about 2 miles behind me. Not bad for 7 weeks postpartum. Way to go triathamom.



Updated August 21st, 2006