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My third Half Ironman

Again, I trained better for this one, swimming more and biking more frequently and further.

I was able to skim 3 minutes off the swim, but I never really got into a groove. Going out in the 5th wave, helped, though I was overrun by the many faster swimmers behind me.

T1 was a bit quicker, and onto the bike. Tired by the turn around. At the Brown Bridge Hill, my chain jammed and was luckly to unclip before crashing.

Then I re-started, couldnt get re-clipped in, and crashed.

Back on the bike, after finally climbing Levitt hill, and anticipating the only downhill on the course, we were stopped by an ambulance and cars in the road on 107. Still I was able to shave an awesome 20 minutes off the bike.

I had more energy in my legs getting off the bike this time than ever before, but the run was the same, dismally slow.

Again, the Hocky Club and their huge mound of snow were awesome on the run.


Updated September 6th, 2011