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During my first marathon, my friends Michelle and Cynthia gave me a bag of gummy bears around mile 16, and I realized what lifesavers these little guys are.

Gummy bears are a great late marathon snack. Here's why:

  1. You can hold them in your hand and they won't melt.
  2. They are chewy, and give your mouth something to do.
  3. They give you the carbs you need and crave.
  4. They are small enough that you won't choke on them.
  5. If you do inhale one, you won't die.
  6. They taste great.
  7. You can bite their little heads off.

I have my support team bring me them on my marathons, and for the last few years, I have set up a Gummy Bear Station at mile 23 at the Baltimore Marathon. This was right in front of my brother's house, at 29th and Guilford, at the top of the cruel hill that started at the turn from 33rd street to Guilford.

I ran the inaugural Baltimore in 2001, so missed that year, and My brother has since moved from Guilford Ave, nonetheless:

I promise to be there until the least fastest marathoner makes it. Say Hi as you go by.

Perhaps we'll be back in the future.


While it's not my intention, I've received some press coverage. This year the most attention was generated from Kate Amara's interview and Sarah Caldwell's race day coverage, and a nice write up from Anica Butler at the Sun, and one from TheBizRunner that called me the GodFather of Gummies, who rightly called out the company that makes the gummy bears for not working with me.

The Examiner called me a famous runner,Cool Runnings mentions the stop and ScrumDiddly says its his favorite part (caution, language)... And of course the Rona Marech' Sun report from 2005 (archived at Cool Runnings). 2006, we were joined by Baltimore Sun reporter Mike Klingaman, who not only wrote a great article about the stop, but helped us tremendously.



photo: Jeanne Louise

Updated September 26th, 2010