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Six months ago, July 2000, began my training. Before I got too far into the process, I met with a Rachel Miller, a Physical Therapist, and part of the Montgomery County Road Runners. I had wanted to make sure that my bio-machanics were in order for the task. In talking with her, she suggested the Galloway system, and told me about the Motorola Marathon -- that it was flat and new-runner friendly. Coincidently, Motive's HQ is there. That worked out well.

I went to the Pasta Carbo Load party Saturday night. This featured Runners World speaker, and world class Penguin, John Bingham.

The temperature was in the 30s, as we walked the short distance to the start. Motive had 5 or 6 runners registered, and my friends Cynthia and Michelle met us at the Start area.

When the gun sounded, 30 runners dashed into the woods to pee. In retrospect, this happens at every marathon, but then it seemed funny. By mile 1, the knee pain that had plagued me began in earnest. My friend (and Boss) Mike called me as I got to 4 -- I run with a Cell Phone, MP3 player, and water pack -- to check in. He met me as I approached mile 6 and that was great, as well as unexpected.

I had driven the course the day before, and knew what to expect and where. The only real hill, around mile 11, wasn't too bad. Throughout the race, my friends and family called to check on me. The calls really make the miles go by.

At mile 16, Michelle and Cynthia met me. Michelle gave me a zip lock bag of gummy bears, and Cynthia ran with me for a bit. My knee hurt quite a bit, and it was very uplifting having them there. Cynthia left me with a "See you at the finish!" at it was then that I knew I had to finish -- I had people waiting for me. I was then that I realized that I could make it.

At 25, Michelle and Cynthia met me again, and Cynthia ran with me about 1/4 of a mile.

As I approached the finish, I raised my arms in triumph (I must have run the last 100 yards that way).


Updated January 20th, 2003