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This is a horrible Marathon. If you are going to vacation in the park and the marathon was one of the things you were going to do, then it might be worth it; otherwise, skip it

It is clear that the Race Director had read a book about putting on a marathon, but had never seen nor run one, nor understood the reasons for the things that he was doing. Here are the reasons I would not recommend this marathon:

They bus you to the start, and drop you at the finish area. From there you walk about a mile -- with no signs or directions -- to the start area.

Disney is made up of 5 parks, connected by roadway. The only place spectators were allowed was in the parks, you you get to see people only when in the actual park -- about 2 minutes worth. The space between the parks is desolate. I tried to have my father meet me at 18, where spectators could climb a hill from the hotel area, but the cops kept pushing them back.

Entering each of the individual parks, were printed signs... Trying to be "cute," and in the Disney sprit, had "messages" from the wicked witch, such as: "Nothing but pain ahead," "You could be home sleeping," "Turn Back," "Give up your quest" and other equally anti-motivational signs. Great.

The positives: Plenty of medical and water stops; Nice medal.



Updated January 15th, 2003