Marathon 6 - Athens, Ohio Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

A very hard, out and back run down the bike trail at the OSU campus at Athens, Ohio. Nice college town. Friendly kids.

Packet pickup was late Saturday at the Italian restaurant in town... This was a tiny race -- 157 runners.

Race officials showed up about 5 minutes before the start. Very few spectators.

A hot day, in the mid 60s at the start and mid 70s at the finish. Crashed badly at 18ish. A light rain late in the race made the last few miles bareable.

Cruel transition from the bike trail to the Stadium track. Come to think about it, it was pretty cruel making us do a lap around the track, before the finish. And, an out and back where from about mile 7 the faster runners were passing me (then I got even at the 1/2 way point and rubbed my speediness in the faces of the slower runners.) Come to think of it, some of them passed me too.

I got one of the students who was working at the dorm we we stayed at (what a flash back) to come to the finish to take the picture, below.


Updated February 12th, 2003