Marathon 10 - New York City Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

Another Huge race. Nice tour of city. Great turn out.

They bus you out to the old fort by the Verizanno Narrows bridge, where you sit -- in the cold -- for 4 hours (while they close the roads).

I was lucky, and was queued in the Blue section, that ran on the top level of the bridge. The unlucky ones were on the bottom; the runners on the top, whose bladders couldn't get them across the bridge, rained down on the poor Green runners.

Wall to wall spectators greeted us around the course, friendly and cheering, with the only bland area being the orthodox Jewish section -- who mostly ignored us.

The turn at 16 had fire and police on the outside of the turn, and I ran the outside to give them a thanks.

My brother was able to meet me around the course... Uncle Norman and Aunt Chantal met me at 12 & 16 (where they caught me buying beer and cigarettes from the Dipti Deli).


Updated January 15th, 2003