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One of my poorest performances, but a great run nonetheless, as I got to run with my friend nearly the entire way.

We got to the fort early (too early, perhaps) and set up near the entertainment. I had pulled my left hamstring supporting Baltimore 2 weeks prior, and figured this would be a slow one.

Bern said he wasn't concerned about his time, and just wanted to have a fun run thru the city. One of his college friends was there, but was planning on running aggressively, and Bern didn't feel like racing this one.

It was warm -- in the 65+ -- by the time we got to the corral, and we planned on taking water and Gatorade at each stop. That turned out to be a great plan, as I was dumping cups of water on myself by mile 4.

My family was at mile 14, and Bern's wife at 16. Gary and Shannon met us again at 18 and 23. It was great seeing them.

Technology failed me (as did my muscles) at mile 20, as the water I was dumping on my head finally hosed my cell phone. Its easy to talk on the hands-free "ear-bud" when you're running, but its a drag to hold the phone to your ear, and you look stupid.

At mile 25 I forced Bern to go ahead -- I was feeling more than a little guilty for holding him back -- something I had suggested from about 18 where I had burst into flames after falling apart when a large section of the wall fell on top of me. I can't thank him enough for pulling me along.

The Bataan-style Death March from the finish thru the park was cruel, and the only poorly managed part of this race.

Bern and Stuart, at mile 23Drowned RatsCheck out the cramping muscle in the left quad!

P Diddy finished ahead of us, in about 4:14, 25 minutes slower then he predicted. He cramped badly at mile 23, where my support was waiting....



Updated November 3rd, 2003