Marathon 24 - Philadelphia 2 Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

Another beautiful day, if not a little warm, made this one good. The only downside (once again) were the morons at 15 (who were chased away by the time I got to 25) proclaiming their freedom of speech with graphic pictures. Prepared, I was able to spit on each and every one of them on the way down, and exercising my right to free speech with my own selection of Hard-C words (none of them are printable if I wish to keep my ICRA rating)

My friend from EMC, Allan, was running, and I met him at the start. He had run his first marathon 3 weeks earlier, and I convinced him to try this one. He was trying to run under 5 hours after his 5:08, though I told him just to have a good time. (He finished in 4:49!)

The start was slow, but I was able to keep a sub-9 pace for the first 14 miles (with the strange exception of 13, which always is a bit slow), and ran sub-10s thru 18.

Downhill from 19 to 20, the turn-around at 20 then up hill thru 23 sucked all of the life out of me. Though it seemed like it was uphill in both directions from 17 to 25 -- a course designed by Escher.

I like this course, and I'll most likely run it again..


Updated November 24th, 2003