Marathon 25- Rocket City #2 Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

This continues to be the finest managed marathon I have run. The only negative is the 5 miles of road (miles 10-15), following traffic.

I had listed this run mentally as a "maybe", but decided to go for it at the last minute. As with all last minute things, I forgot my watch, and phone headset.

I got to the packet pickup in time, and bought another watch.

At the Carbo-load, I ran into someone I ran Montana with -- a guy from Western NY.

They were calling for a cold rain at race time, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a cool, but overcast day. A cold relentless wind caught us at 10ish, and was in our face thru 15. Yuck

The first 10 miles were fast -- all in the 8:30-8:45 range. Even the "notorious mile 13 dip" I experience was under 9, and I was able to keep it up thru 18, where I was 4 minutes fast of a 9 minute pace.

I ran into Wayne Baber, whom I had run with last year. He caught me a 7ish, after seeing my "We will not tire..." sign, and said Hi. We chatted a while, and I lost track of him at a water stop.

Sprinkles started for me in the 23 mile range... I was able to pick up my pace a bit, and beat it in.

I reviewed my splits and the watch decided that one viewing was enough, so it erased them without warning, and contrary to the docs. Never Leave your Watch at Home. The times on my splits page are approximates, based on memory and addition.


Updated December 14th, 2003