Marathon 29 - Steamboat Springs, CO Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

It was a last minute decision to run Steamboat Springs. I was going to be in Denver for work, and figured I could fit a run in while I was there. I had planned on being in Denver a week earlier to acclimate, but the customer wasn't ready.

The speedtrap which nabbed me just over Rabbit Pass as I entered into Steamboat was indication of events to come.

Race day morning temperatures were in the 40's, but was expected to go into the mid 80's.

We were bussed up, and dropped off in the ex-gold mining town of Hayes (make sure and visit Stuff and Things on the corner). I tried to stay warm, and it wasn't until a Sheriff gave me a trash bag to wear did I stop shivering.

The Start was at 7600' and I was already feeling dizzy from the lack of oxygen. Damn these high races. It was Net-downhill, but the race profile was rather inaccurate -- steep down hills accounted for the large drop in elevation, while long gradual up hills sucked the life out of us.

I got to mile 13 in just over 2 hours -- roughly a 9 1/2 minute pace, but by 11 I was already into a 10 1/2 and by 18 was looking at 13 minute miles.

The scenery was nice, running through the canyons that were made up by the Elk River. Spectators were thin, and I would have liked to see more waterstops on the course, given the heat.

Temps exceeded expectations, and were up to the high 80s. I had stashed some water at 17, and used most of the bottle over my head.

As the runners crossed the finish line, each was handed an Icy-Wet towel, and a finisher's card (with your time, place, by age and sex). Nice touches.


Updated June 19th, 2004