Marathon 30 - Hartford, CT Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

The hamstring had been plaguing me for a year, but taking the summer off to train for my first triathlon, seemed to help. I of course could not let well enough alone, and wrenched my back doing yard work. So much for a healthy marathon.

The course is in and around Hartford, crossing the Connecticut River, and looped back upon itself in a number of places.

Around mile 6, I passed an older woman ... Who immediatly started screaming at me: she didnt like like the "We Will Not Tire, We Will Not Falter, We Will Not Fail" sign that I had. Too bad. I made sure I stayed directly in front of her, and let her rant about Bush's policies, while I taunted her with rhetorical questions like "Why would a straight white man ever vote for a democrat?" This went on for miles. But I had to stop and stretch, and I lost her.

I caught her again near 20, and remarked that she was like one of those bag ladies in the park, screaming at the squirrles. Fun on the Run!

I ran into 3 or 4 people that are doing the MCM, Philly. Huntsville sequence. Small world.

Updated October 9th, 2004