Marathon 32 - Rocket City #3 Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics


This run of Rocket City was identical to the last...though my times were noticiblty slower.

They were calling for a cold rain at race time, and as last year, surprised to find the cool, but overcast day.

At 5ish, Knee pain almost forced me to stop. A few Advil and some determination got me thru the next 5 or so miles.

A cold relentless wind caught us at 10ish, and was in our face thru 15. Yuck. This part of the course, with traffic, is the worst part.

Sprinkles started for me in the 23 mile range... Even Though this year I was not able to pick up my pace, I still beat the rain in.

This continues to be the finest managed marathon I have run. The only negative is the 5 miles of road (miles 10-15), following traffic.

This was Malcom Gillis' last time acting as the Race Director.


Updated December 14th, 2004