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I nearly cancelled when the The Media had me believing that NO was still underwater, with 1000's of displaced looters roaming the streets.

On no sleep friday night, I was able to catch earlier flights, checked in, and got to Packet Pick Up. Small, it had as much Triathlon as running gear.

In bed and asleep by 8PM, I was awoken by a fire truck at Midnight, and couldn't get back to sleep.

My 4AM wake up came, and I nearly blew the run off. But it was a perfect day for a run, cool and clear, and the course was flat.

Thru the french quarter quickly, it was too early for anyone to be out.

My first 10 miles were fast... in the 9's, but I was already tired by 6. 14 was the last time I saw 10's, understandable in the hills of Stowe, but not here.

Into the North, we went thru the areas hardest hit by Katrina, Seeing the damaged houses, many being repaired, with the Search and Rescue symbols painted on the front, was Poignant.

5 to 10 was drudgery, with the out and back along the City park, opposing runners. Thru mid city, back to the Superdome, where we lose the Half Marathoners.

Mile 17 and Napoleon Drive, sees the bizarre double opposing block, where you are opposing runners on your left and right sides, the inside U running outbound and the outer U running inbound.

The loop thru the Audubon park was pretty.

I had run into a Group from Baltimore -- who remembered by Gummy Bear Station. I saw them frequently. I also ran into someone I met at Philly. Small world.

Its a pity that I burned up so early in this race, as it could have been a fast one.

This was a very well managed race. Police were at every intersection, with NO Running Club members at critical turns. Announcers calling your name and city/state at various points in the race was a nice touch. Plenty of Water and Gatorade, gels, cookies and pretzels.

My 41st marathon was their 41st.



Updated Feb 5th, 2006