Marathon 42 - Tampa, FL Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

Shannon and I had Signed up for Napa, but Shannon couldn't do it this year, and I couldn't make the flights work, so I settled for an east coast run. My choices were limited and Tampa seemed better than Albany or Cape Code, and easier to get to from Baltimore.

There were lots to dislike about this run. We received a "Critical" email from the race director. It contained a PDF document that was one large advertisement. When I got to packet pickup, there was no parking. They provided no pins for the bib numbers.

I walked to the start through a cold rain. We stood at the start line, waiting. The race announcer was under cover somewhere, and we couldn't hear that they were delaying the race. We couldn't hear the announcements, National Anthem, or Starters gun.

Finally, the people in front of us started moving, signifying the start, 35 minutes late.

The crowds were understandably thin. There were missing mile markers and timers.

There were more than enough porta potties and water stops. The volunteers were plentiful and enthusiastic. The Cops seemed indifferent to us, most staying in their cars at the intersections, unlike New Orleans.

The last stretch along the water was a 12 mile out-and back, with the wind in our faces from 20.


Updated Feb 28th, 2006