Marathon 45 - Wichita, KS Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

This is not what I expected Kansas to look like -- A rolling hilly course (that seemed to be up-hill the entire time)

Bussed to the start from the Old Town host hotel, the start was crisp and clear, and below freezing.

The highlight of the course was supposed to be the run thru Mcconnell air force base, where we were supposed to run under on-alert bombers and were told that all runners wearing packs would be searched. Neither of these things happened and the only planes we saw were way off in the distance, or on display. We did do thru the Kansas Air National Guard air museam, and around some grounded aircraft at mile 18.

Other than that, the 8 miles through the base were bland and windy. It was poignant going thru the memorial to fallen air force personnel, and the people on the base were helpful and enthusiastic.

I ran OK thru 10 (given yet another no-training run), but by 17 the wheels had come of yet again.

At least I pulled it in under 5.



Updated Oct. 26th, 2006