Marathon 44 - Bristol, NH Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

With Emily 3 months old on race day, there never seemed to be any time to train, and the while I was able to get a 12, 14, and 16 set in, I knew without the base it wouldn't be enough.

I had expected a small race though 230 was larger then I expected. They had a 10K run that started at the same time, that made it seem crowded.

I ran into Ben Navarrete, who I recognized from New Orleans and NJ this year, and from Detroit and Maine last year. This made me start working a program that will figure out all of the races that overlap with other multi-marathoners. More on that Here. There were a bunch of the 50 State-ers that I recognized who were doing the NH/ME back to back.

The plan, as at NJ, was to run a true Galloway walk run, with 4 minute runs and 1 minute walks.

I noticed a couple also running a 4 and 1, at my pace, and ran with them till 10. There was a couple running the flats and walking the hills.

My splits weren't too bad through 13, and didn't get really bad until 20. I had stopped at a firehouse at 17 to use the john and to trim a toenail that caused a painful blister.

This is a very hard, and hilly course. Pretty, but very hard.



Updated Oct. 1st, 2006