Marathon 48 - Louisville, KY Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

Another last minute decision to run had me looking for a new state, on this date, where Southwest flew.

The 250 marathoners plus around 500 half's made this a nice size. There was nothing in the way of an expo, save one running stores wares.

The out and back course down the riverwalk path wasn't bad, though you could only see the river for as short time, and some of that wasn't nice looking.

There was a bunch of concrete that was tough, then a way too narrow bridge with opposing runners. The five up the winding bike path was nice, then a trip around a park, and the back-track to the finish.

Water and Heed every few files, and the heed was very cold (Its the only way you can drink the stuff). Little crowd support

Disappointed with the finish, as you have to pass the finish line at 26 and loop around to get the .2 in. There was no food left for the mid-back packers other than bottled water.



Updated Oct. 22nd, 2007