Marathon 49 - Tulsa, OK Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

A 2 hour drive to Boston, and a hotel stay were required to get me on the 5AM flight, so that I could make packet pickup.

1000 marathoners, and a couple thousand half and relay (and there was a quarter-marathon).

Like Kentucky, this out and back course followed the Arkansas river down the riverwalk, crossing the river in a few places.

Concrete on a majority of the course had me aching by mile 10.

The real drag was the hills starting at 22. The could be an unbelievably fast marathon, save for the 4 very step hills when you have nothing left.

I ran a 2:02 first half, followed by a 2:40.

I had 30 minutes to catch my connection to Boston, then a 2 hour ride home, which got me in a 2AM

One more to go.


Updated Nov. 22nd, 2007