Marathon 61 - Fargo, North Dakota Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

I started looking in to this sequence after running a lazy winter of nearly no running due to weather. Feeling guilty, I signed up for 3 in sequence to try and finish off the states

I couldnt find an easy flight into Fargo from MHT, so opted for one into MSP, and a 5 hour drive to ND. These Saturday marathons make the inbound flights particularly hard, since getting to Packet Pickup is time critical

The race started (and ended) in the Fargodome, that caused me a bit of stress with regard to the GPS watch, but I ran outside 10 minutes or so prior to the start, and get a signal

Colder than I expected, I kept my throwaway sweatshirt on until mile 22.

Part of the race ran back across the state line to Minnisota, and through the college campus there.

Much of the time we were running through neighborhoods, that all seemd to have well-attended block parties.

I kept a 10 minute pace thru the half, but was hurting by 16

The last couple of miles had no race direction -- turns without pointers.


Updated June 1st, 2015