Marathon 64 - Omaha, NE Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

The First in the series took me to Nebraska and the Omaha HITS Marathon.

My friend Rick was haranging me about finishing the States, and with 5 left, I needed the push

I found a sequence to get Nebraska, New Mexico and Indiana, and we both signed up for NE and IN -- He's doing Ironman NC in between

Flight out was uneventful, though a bird strike had us delayed into Chicago.

I didnt have a short sleeve race ready shirt, so I brought a long one, and figured I would buy one at the expo

It was expected to be Hot later in the day, but I figured we could get thru by 12 and the expected highs of 85

Got to the Expo, and it was pretty thin -- Packets, someone giving out Bread, and a quy selling sunglasses.

OK. Adapt and Adjust

Pasta dinner was good, and we talked to some of the other 50 staters

Met him at the starting line about 10 before 7... When they announced: "Because of a shooting on the course, we will be delaying the start 1 hour"

And they changed the course

Instead of running 4 and 1, He convinced me to try 2 and 30's ... the new galloway standard. And Slow. 10 minute pace

We started into the now risen sun, and went out in an 8 minute pace

The turn at 11 is where I started to feel the heat.

I pulled my shirt up over my head -- not a good look for me -- and we trudged on

2:12 through the half

3:01'30 at 18

3:30 at at 20

By 22 or so I was still with the 4:40 pacers

Into the empty Stadium

My watch has the finish at 26.4


Updated June 1st, 2015