Marathon 63 - Anchorage, AK Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

The third in the series took me to Anchorage and the Mayors Midnight Marathon. Another Saturday race, with an unbelieveably long flight into Seattle, and a 3 hour hop to AK had me leave logan on the first flight out, and that required a night in Boston

When I got to Boston, I noticed my phone wasn't charging. Then I noticed my SD card had a big red X across it. That meant mo music. Ugh.

I downloaded Spotify, and jumped on the plane. I got a couple of songs to play, but had spotty coverage

Overcast and cool, running a 4 and 1 from the start

The lack of music really effected me

3 minutes down at mile 7, 12 minutes at 13 and 20 minutes by 15

Plenty of medical and porta-potties

Saw a moose at mile 25

Flight out at 2AM to Seattle, then the 5 hour flight to Boston, then the 2 hour drive made it a very long day


Updated June 1st, 2015