Marathon 31- Marine Corps 2 Story*Training*Injury*Schedule*Spectators*Statistics

The first person I ran into upon arriving at the start was the Crazy Shopping Bag woman from the Hartford Marathon. No Lie. First person. She hadn't mellowed at all,

Temps were expected to be in the 80s, but the start was cool -- 61 -- but very humid.

They reversed the course this year, and put all of the hills in the beginning, and added back the Haines Point Segment.

The temps rose, and by mile 10, I was ready to call it quits. But I was still running 10ish, and I figured I would trudge on. This was a mistake, since a mile later, I was into the crash and burn part of the run ...

I saw Associate Justice David Souter hanging out watching the race. I wouldn't say cheering, but he was there.

"Steve" came up to me around 15, and said we had run together at Harford. He remembered the Shopping Bag Woman, as well.

At mile 23, I realized that if I didnt get my act together, I would be running a 5+ hour marathon. By 26 I had my splits back into the 12 range.

When they gave he gave me my medal, the Marine Shook my hand and congratulated me. You gotta love that.



Updated October 31st, 2004