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Left up in the air till the last minute, I hadn't pre-registered, looked for hotels or flights. Southwest was easy, though the flight back was late in the day. Hotel was harder, as most of the hotels were closed for the off-season.

An uneventful SWA flight into Philly, into a rental and off to the shore. As I got into the area, I realized that the directions to Expo were hoarked, with the instructions pointing to last years site, and the text indicating the new site. Outside of the expo, the sign proclaimed "Welcome to the Boat Show," and inside, the "expo" was behind a a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard.'

Registration required Cash. That would have been the type of thing I would have included on the website. 0-2.

The expo had one guy selling running clothes, and one guy selling used books.

I'll skip the further inaccuracy of the website and the description of the shuttles (0-3), By now assuming that everything on the site was wrong, and pissed of the info desk by asking if this was really the Cape May Marathon? And was this really being held in NJ?

The plan was to run a true Galloway walk run, with 4 minute runs and 1 minute walks, instead of my Mile and 30s. I didn't get much training in the month since Tampa, and was sure I would bonk early anyway.

I walked the 1.5 miles to the 10 mile mark where the shuttle was. They had busses from the 10 to the Start and from the Finish to the 10 and start, but they didn't run very often. The hotel had an 11AM checkout, but I pleaded for a 3PM... my thinking was a 9AM start, a sub-5 run, and catch the 2PM shuttle back, and walk back to the hotel. No way I could make the 1PM, and the next one was at 3 and I figured that the hotel would pawn my stuff my then.

The first walk break at 4 minutes was tough. Less than 1/2 mile into it, it seemed like a waste of time. After that, I got into the groove, and while my times weren't great, they were consistent.

A cold wind with occasional sprinkles made the run less than memorable. People said the scenery was nice, but I didn't notice.

With the Wind in our face the entire time, I never shed my Sweat shirt

Mostly flat, with hills of bridge crossings.

I Still fell apart, but not as bad, and my times were better late in the race. The anomaly at 15 is interesting, since that is where the benefits of this style seems to kick in.



Updated Mar. 26th, 2006