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After Tulsa, I looked for another quick run to do that would complete the 50 x 50 goal. I wanted a new state, too. I wanted to get there cheaply. Someplace interesting. Or I could wait for Baltimore, that had a nice home-coming feel, but required me to either stay at marathon prepped level, or re-ramp up.Ugh.

I took the rest of the winter off (It was a hard one up here, and started re-training (for the Timberman Tri), in the summer.

Then, we waited.

Training for the Timberman was interrupted by LASIK in June. Life changing, but it kept me out of the pool, and out of the triathlon.

I got a half dozen runs in the 4-6 mile range, and one of 15, before being injured playing soccer with Wyatt.

My back, wile not as bad as the sledding-caused injury of 2005, never seemed to get better. A last-minute run to 18, 2 weeks out, was it.

Here we go.

At about 60%, I made the decision to go for it. My last long run told me I could do it, the pain wasn't bad during the run, but I knew the lack of base would kill me.

I handed off the Gummy Bear Station to Gary, and started with Shannon in the optimistic 11 minute pace group.


I was able to hold in the 10's thru mile 9. That degraded quickly. Temps rose into the 70's.

During one of my extended walk breaks, someone in the 'hood asked me from a stoop: "Hey man, you need a cigarette?" You have to love the focus.

I ran into old friend, Keith Richards, and we stayed together for about 6 miles. I had to let him go outside Canton, though he was as unprepared as I was.

By mile 16, I had nothing left, and by 19 I was having pretty bad cramps due to the heat. I stopped frequently to help other runners in distress -- I gave out a dozen salt tabs -- and to stretch.

Around the lake, and onto 33rd st. I realize that I really miss Memorial Stadium. There are some Guys handing out beer.

Then to turn to Guilford. I was surprised that the Guilford Association was not out in force as in the past, but the Eye of Tiger guys are there...

I got to the Gummy stop about 10 minutes past my expected (well, worst case) time, and was thrilled to see my 2 year old daughter Emily -- clearly ready for a nap -- with my Sister in Law Traci.

Gary had a bottle of Gatorade that I needed. I took a few minutes to thank everyone, then I was off.

And then I was finished.


50 marathons in 7 years 8 months.


What's Next?